Loadbang Ensemble

The collaboration of Krzysztof Wolek and Jaroslaw Mamczarski that started in 2008 resulted in the creation of the Loadbang Ensemble that continues to perform at various festivals. Both performers use laptops with Max/Msp software creating evolving soundscapes. Besides using samples as a source material the performers also use alternative inputs sources such as bowl gongs or radios. Music is controlled with various controllers from standard MIDI devices to gaming and custom made controllers.
Krzysztof Wolek

performed during 2008 Audio Art Festival

Performed on:
2012 Brand New Music Festival,Katowice (with Hong-da Chin)
2011 Musica Moderna, Lodz
2008 Audio Art Festival, Krakow
2008 Audio Art Festival, Warsaw
2008 UofL New Music Festival (with John Ritz and Allison Ogen)