Ins of Outs and Outs of Ins

This piece is a live improvisation that was performed by Krzysztof Wolek and Jaroslaw Mamczarski during the Mixed Media Art Concert III in the Contemporary Art Gallery, Kronika, in Bytom, Poland. The title refers to the sound routing and manipulation procedures. The sound was generated live with various sound synthesis techniques by the first computer and was sent out via mixing board to the surround sound system. It was simultaneously routed to the second computer, which sent the processed sound to the surround sound system as well. Both players responded live to the musical events and influence the final outcome.
Krzysztof Wolek

Performed on:
November 16, 2007
Mixed Media Art III Concert
Computers: Jaroslaw Mamczarski, Krzysztof Wolek
Contemporary Art Gallery Kronika,
Bytom, Poland