Improvised Rhizomes

This improvisation is based on the sketches for Per Norgard’s 4th Solo Sonate Rhizome which has been given to Jakob Kullberg with this purpose in mind. Improvised Rhizomes is a work in progress which aims to navigate in the narrow space between the notated work and a creative improvised music which strives to stay inside the framework of Norgard's music. In other words it is the cellist's intention to create a music which 'speaks' Norgard's musical language fluently while maintaining the personal touch of the improviser. The 11-year long collaboration between Norgard and Kullberg has given the cellist a deep understanding of the composer's music and the idea is to prepare improvisational sketches with the composer that will enable the cellist to create freely while playing Norgard's game. In this performance Jakob Kullberg was joined by Krzysztof Wolek and John Ritz in order to take advantage of possibilities offered by electronic medium, live sound processing and sound spatialization.
Krzysztof Wolek

Performed on:
November 9, 2010
2010 University of Louisville New Music Festival
Cello: Jakob Kullberg
Live Electronics: John Ritz, Krzysztof Wolek
Bird Hall, University of Louisville School of Music
Louisville, KY