GPS-Art 14

GPS-Art 14 was an installation/performance created by Marek Choloniewski, Ryan Ingebritsen, Marcin Wierzbicki, Krzysztof Wolek and the University of Louisville computer music students presented at Dreamland performance Venue in Louisville, KY. GPS-Art is a new art domain, and a new field of artistic activity based on the motion in an open, outdoor space. GPS-Art is the global interactive instrument used for setting up and processing of audio and video material. It integrates elements of audio-visual installation to be used for intermedia communication. All projects of GPS-Art explore large urban and open spaces. Projects are ready to be arranged and performed on land, water, air, underwater, as well as in outer space. All GPS-Art projects use GPS-12 device (Global Positioning System used for navigation), Internet (as a large net-instrument), as well as mobile phone technology. GPS describes its own location reflected from the position of 12 satellites hanging above the Northern hemisphere of the globe. Originally GPS-12 is used for navigation and measures in interactive way many topographic parameters, among others: latitude (from 10 meters through thousands of miles), speed and many others. All measurements are used as a starting points for many art projects of GPS-Art. For more information go to

Presented on:
April 20, 2015
Concept and Realization:
Marek Choloniewski, Ryan Ingebritsen
Marchin Wierzbicki, Krzysztof Wolek
Students of the University of Louisville
Computer Music Studios
Dreamland Performance Venue
810 E Market St
Louisville, KY