Błoto (Mud) is based on an archival recording of the folk song “Konie moje konie” (Horses my Horses) performed by Stanisław Brzozowy from Krobia in the Kurpie Biale region of Poland. The noises and distortions that represent the technology available at the time when the original recording was made became an integral part of the new composition. The song itself has a very remarkable melodic structure as well as an asymmetric formal and rhythmic construction. The original recording has been analyzed and manipulated in such a way that one-minute-long archival material was transformed into a 5 minute long tape part that preserves the melodic, formal and rhythmical structure of the original song. At each stage of the composition process computer programs were used to assist the composer with the creation of the piece, starting with the analysis of the original material through source material manipulation and writing of the tape part to composing of the instrumental parts of the new piece. The final result is an interesting combination of traditional folk song with computer technology. Błoto was commissioned by the 7th Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music Kody in Lublin for the Bang on a Can All-Stars ensemble and their Field Recording Project with financial support from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
Krzysztof Wolek

Live concert recording

First Performance:
May 17, 2015, Lublin, Poland
KODY; 7th Festival of Traditional
and Avant-garde Music
Bang on a Can All-Stars
Targi Lublin, 11 Dworcowa Street
Lublin, Poland